Road Captain Program

The Tri-State Road Captain Program:

  • What it is

Welcome to the Road Captain Corner! Tri-State HOG® Chapter #4415 is going places and our Road Captains are leading the way! The primary purpose of our HOG® Chapter is to ride our Harleys and have fun; safely. Our Road Captains are dedicated to planning and leading a variety of fun filled riding adventures for the members of our chapter. We are always looking for the next great ride idea, so don’t be shy. Tell a Road Captain your idea. Chances are others would love to go on that kind of ride as well.

  • What can I expect from it

Upon acceptance into the Road Captain program you will begin as a “Road Captain in Training.” Once part of the program you will receive links to important documents as well as tips and tricks that come in handy as the “newbie” on the block. The program offers mentorship as well as valuable advice given by the patched Road Captains during observations. After completing the requisite “three-fors” (i.e. 3 leads, 3 wings and 3 sweeps, the R.C.I.T. (Road Captain in Training) becomes eligible for consideration as a patched Road Captain. The average time for this phase is usually around 1 year but may vary greatly depending on the candidate.

  • How to join

If you are interested in becoming a R.C.I.T. please let Tom Baggstrom, our Head Road Captain know of your interest. You may also ask any patched Road Captain if he/she would like to mentor you and he/she will let our Head Road Captain know of your intentions. Generally it will take a majority of the patched Road Captains to approve your acceptance. Similarly it generally takes the majority of the patched Road Captains to advance to the “Patched” level.

Head Road Captain:

               Tom Baggstrom

Our Current Road Captains:
  1. Tom Baggstrom
  2. Mike Fordham
  3. Bill Shainline
  4. John Shuter
  5. *Hugh McCloskey (Road Captain in Training)
  6. *Steve Petree (Road Captain in Training)
Generic Ride Roster:


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